2Parts of a Sentence

Exercise 1

  1. The tall girl in the room is a singer.
  2. That short boy in the class is intelligent.
  3. The little bird in the cage is eating a guava.
  4. That young man in the office is punctual.
  5. The poor students in the college are given scholarships.
  6. An old woman with a stick was helped by me.
  7. The new pictures in the drawing room are very beautiful.
  8. Those books in the shelf are all new ones.
  9. A few good poets are present today.
  10. His younger sister in Meerut is suffering from fever

Exercise 2

  1. My mother is a wise woman.
  2. Many persons dislike smoking.
  3. He gave me a book to read.
  4. The boy prefers to play.
  5. The Governor nominated Ravi a member.
  6. My sister never enjoys boating in the lake.
  7. His brother gave him a present.
  8. My younger brother lives in Agra.
  9. Mother heard someone knocking at the door.
  10. He promised to help me.
  11. The train was late by two hours.
  12. There were few girls in my class.
  13. The hunter killed a tiger in the forest.
  14. My father teaches me English daily.
  15. The poor boy has no shoes to wear.

Exercise 3

  1. I was in Kanpur last week.
  2. I treat my teachers with respect.
  3. He has a well furnished house.
  4. This house was built by your grandfather.
  5. There are several mistakes in your essay.
  6. My son is an officer in the army.
  7. This post of District Magistrate is not a bed of roses.
  8. The students should respect their elders.
  9. Roza is leaving for Agra tomorrow.
  10. She felt sorry for her arrogance.
  11. The monkeys quarrel among themselves.
  12. He gave his daughter a doll.
  13. The old woman sold her golden bowl.
  14. Alan’s father gave him a bicycle.
  15. He advised me to write five pages everyday.
  16. My father taught me swimming.
  17. He had not gone to Delhi yesterday.
  18. I shall never forgive you.
  19. Please give me something to eat.
  20. Regretting on his loss the greedy seller cried.