Chapter 1 Verb ‘To be’ / ‘Have’ / ‘Do’ का प्रयोग

Exercise 1

1. The dog is a faithful animal.
2. These students are very weak in English.
3. He will become happy in the evening.
4. It became rainy day holiday today.
5. Whose pen is this?
6. I was sad on his failure.
7. These students became intelligent in maths.
8. Your father has become very weak.
9. Honesty is the best policy.
10. Water becomes hot on fire.
11. This patient will soon become healthy.
12. Will you be at the exhibition in the night?
13. He soon becomes angry.
14. It is not good to copy.
15. Your book has become old.

Exercise 2

1. I have four brothers.
2. These boys have a dog.
3. I have an elephant also.
4. In winter, I have a bath daily.
5. Today, we shall talk to the principal.
6. Tomorrow I shall have this money.
7. He has a book in his hand.
8. I have had food twice.
9. He had a small house.
10. A cow has four legs.
11. He has some problem in his heart.
12. My city has a zoo.
13. He had a expensive dog.
14. His voice is very sweet.
15. Right now, I am having a bath.

Exercise 3

1. Will she do something in the evening ?
2. What do you do with your brother?
3. I do nothing with my brother.
4. My brother does some work with his father.
5. What are you doing in your garden ?
6. Is the gardener also doing something there ?
7. What did that beggar do on the road ?
8. My servant is doing some work this time.
9. Mother is doing nothing in the kitchen.
10. My sister does all work in the absence of my mother.

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