Chapter 10 Double Parts of Speech (Non-Finites)

Exercise 27

1. He went to the station to see off his guests.
2. Asking question is easier than solving it.
3. Tired players sat down to rest.
4. You should have a balanced diet.
5. He will go to the market to buy fruits.
6. Having finished their work all the clerks went to their homes.
7. Lata’s singing pleased all.
8. Having thanked the people the leader finished his speech.
9. To deceive anybody is sin.
10. It is of no use weeping now.
11. Having buried the dead body all the people went to their homes.
12. I am too careful to be deceived.
13.The Sikhs hate smoking.
14. Your habit of wasting time is not good.
15. Does to seem to be a wise man ?

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