Chapter 11 Causative Verbs

Exercise 28 (Misc.)

1. The government got the shady trees planted on the roads.
2. This lady got her son taught by me.
3. Why do you not have your T.V. mended by a good mechanic ?
4. I get my house whitewashed by a good painter.
5. By whom did you get your coat sewn ?
6. Why do you get my room made dirty by the children?
7. Get a letter typed by your clerk for me.
8. The juggler made all the spectators clap.
9. She will not get food cooked by her daughter.
10. I shall get your letters posted by my servant.
11. The police made the thief accept his crime.
12. I made the washerman iron my clothes.
13. The principal made the students stand on the bench.
14. The doctor makes him eat a bitter pill daily.
15. Get these doors painted green.

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