Chapter 13 Sequence of Tenses

Exercise 31

1. I worked hard so that I might pass.
2. The landlord found that the thieves had run away with his costly goods.
3. An old man told his sons that unity is strength.
4. He loved Sonia more than his daughters.
5.All people know that the dogs bark at night.
6. I met that player who plays badminton well.
7. Your brother failed because he was very weak in mathematics.
8. Yesterday I met a gentleman who deals in shoes.
9. I went to the city where he lives now.
10. He cries as if he is hurt.
11. There flowed a river where there are fields now.
12. Ram loved me more than he loves his brother.
13. My class teacher told the principal that I always speak the truth.
14. The passengers said that they would not pay more than actual fare.
15. My mother will say that I should work hard.

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