Chapter 3 Imperative Sentences

Exercise 6

1. Send the servant to the post office.
2. Walk in the open air in the morning daily.
3. Don’t be proud of your money.
4. Respect your teachers and elders.
5. Give a blanket to this beggar.
6. Please explain this lesson to me again.
7. Never abuse anybody.
8. Always have faith in God and in your power.
9. Help your friends at times of need.
10. Please wait for the principal for two hours.
11. Leave your bad habits at once.
12. Come to Delhi with me for my work.
13. Never kill animals.
14. Please pardon me.
15. Don’t run on the road.

Exercise 7

(A) 1. Let the carpenter make my table.
2. Let the police arrest the thieves.
3.Let these girls sing a sweet song.
4. Do not let the boys copy.
5. Do not let the little children read novels.
6. Do not let the boys throw stones at frogs.
7. Let the servant clean the room.
8. Do not let the small children play in the sunlight.
9. Let him read the Ramayana.
10. Do not let any clerk accept bribe.
11. Let him finish his work.
12. Let me worship God for two hours.
13. Do not let him go to the picnic.
14. Let this girl sing two songs.
15. Let them say what they want to say.

(B) 1. Let us bathe in the Ganga this year.
2. Let us love all the children.
3. Let us not kill the birds.
4. Let us sleep now.
5. Let us respect our elders.
6. Let us learn our lesson now.
7. Let us not abuse anybody.
8. Let us play cricket match.
9. Let us get up at 5 a.m. the morning
10. Let us love small children.
11. Let us serve our country.
12. Now let us depart in the night.
13. Let us take part in essay competition.
14. Certainly let us see the Taj Mahal.
15. Let us distribute blankets among the poor people.

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