Chapter 3 Parts of Speech

Exercise 1

  1. I hope to pass in the examination this year.
  2. Nobody would like to die.
  3. This is not the time to play cards.
  4. Smt Indira Gandhi was fit to be praised.
  5. I compelled him to sleep.
  6. He repented going to cinema.
  7. These shops are to be let.
  8. His desire is to be a minister.
  9. He gave me a novel to read.
  10. He went to Delhi to see the Red Fort,
  11. Does to seem to be a wise man?
  12. He went to the station to see off his guests.
  13. I am too careful to be deceived.
  14. He will go to the market to buy fruits.
  15. To deceive anybody is sin.

Exercise 2

  1. Keep your expenses within your income.
  2. A bad servant quarrels with his master.
  3. The teacher will come before 8.
  4. Lend me your chemistry book for ten days.
  5. Who is sleeping on the roof?
  6. I had met the prime minister one month ago.
  7. The lion was killed by the hunter.
  8. The chief guest distributed sweets among all the boys.
  9. Can you jump over this wall ?
  10. Our examination starts on 15th April.
  11. The police was running after the thief.
  12. My friend was sitting beside me.
  13. My father lives in Kolkata.
  14. Why did you awake at midnight?
  15. These books were torn by the monkeys.
  16. India became free in 1947.
  17. The bridge over the canal is very weak.
  18. I have been teaching in this school for 18 years.
  19. By whom was this slate broken ?
  20. How many monkeys jumped on the roof?

Exercise 3

  1. Sita was kidnapped by Ravana.
  2. We hear with our ears.
  3. You cannot see without spectacles.
  4. The terrorists came here by car.
  5. I save money by travelling in the bus.
  6. I have sent all the invitations by post.
  7. This song has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar.
  8. The hunter killed many birds with his gun.
  9. We can kill a snake with a stick.
  10. My father goes to his office by car.
  11. I saw lunar eclipse by telescope.
  12. I was taught by Mr. Sharma.
  13. I went to Vaishno Devi on foot.
  14. He goes to his school on his scooter.
  15. I prefer to go by sea.

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