Chapter 4 Use of Modal Verbs: Can, Could, May, Might (can/able to का अन्तर)

Exercise 8

1. Our team could not win the match.
2. You cannot talk loudly in the library.
3. Peace loving people may also become violent.
4. Could you lend me some money?
5. You may catch cold by going out in the cold.
6. May he recover soon !
7. He could lead in the last round of the game.
8. He fell down from the roof, his leg could be broken too.
9. We could get pure desi ghee at a cheaper rate in olden days.
10. May I come in ?
11. You may come in after an hour.
12. Can you examine all the files today?
13. Our father could face this situation.
14. May God prosper you a lot !
15. Can you help me in solving these sums?

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