Chapter 5 Narration

Exercise 1

  1. The policemen said that the thief was running.
  2. Kamal says that he obeys his parents.
  3. The teacher said to me, “This year you will stand first.”
  4. The servant asked me if I would give him his salary.
  5. The doctor said that you would surely recover.
  6. The passenger asked where that train was going.
  7. The captain said happily. “You are a good player.”
  8. The principal ordered the peon to go and call Mr. Gupta.
  9. The teacher taught us that the earth is round.
  10. We said that the earth revolves round the sun.’
  11. The boys requested to let them play a match.
  12. The gardener said, “Let me water the plants.”
  13. Mohan asked Shyam when had he gone to Delhi
  14. The beggar was saying that he was very thirsty.
  15. Mahatmaji blessed that God might grant him a long life.
  16. Mahavir Swami preached not to kill animals.
  17. The poet said how pleasant that day was.
  18. The teacher said that only ten students were present in the class the previous day.
  19. The teacher asked me why do you not stand on the bench.
  20. He said that he was lame.

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