Chapter 6 Agreement of Subject and Verb

Exercise 1

  1. My brother as well as friends was invited to the feast.
  2. None of the news is good.
  3. Every boy and girl was eager to sing.
  4. Pity as well as justice make a man great.
  5. You as well as I have performed our duty.
  6. The army was marching towards the enemy.
  7. This is the shop which was highly damaged by fire.
  8. Everyone of you is suitable for this post.
  9. Where are your spectacles?
  10. Ten thousand rupees is a good salary.
  11. Either he or his friends have deceived you.
  12. All the thieves with their chief have run away.
  13. The committee has elected its president.
  14. Not only the doctor but also the compounder went on trying to save the patient.
  15. Honey and ghee is a good medicine.

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