Chapter 9 Tenses (Passive Voice)

Exercise 23

1. The thieves were arrested by the police.
2. He was requested for help.
3. My friend was shot dead.
4. You will not be pardoned.
5. The students are fined by the principal.
6. The children are looked after by the parents.
7. Now these books will be sold.
8. A film will be shown to us.
9. Will a letter be sent to me ?
10. Is this boy praised by all the teachers ?
11. Was this lesson not taught to the students ?
12. When were you abused by him ?
13. The patients are given cow milk.
14. The story was not told by our grandmother.
15. Will you be given the invitation of feast?

Exercise 24

1. This novel is being read by me.
2. A message was being sent by them.
3. Was a letter being written by the father ?
4. A song is being sung by the girls. 5. Was a match being played by the boys ?
6. The boys are being punished.
7. The stones were being thrown on the frogs by the boys.
8. Are they being called ?
9. By whom are you being taught English ?
10. Prizes are being distributed to the boys.
11. The car was being driven by the driver.
12. Football was being played by the boys.
13. Medicine was being given to the patient by the doctor.
14. All patients are being vaccinated.
15. Rice are being boiled by the mother.

Exercise 25

1. The match will have been finished.
2. The medicine will have been given to the patient.
3. Our work has been finished.
4. All the clothes have been washed.
5. The lesson has been learnt by the boys.
6. The city had been burnt by the enemy.
7. The clothes will have been ironed by the washerman.
8. When had the dacoit been hanged ?
9. Why have sweets been distributed ?
10. The servant will have been given the order.
11. The crops had been reaped last month.
12. The lessons will have been revised by the students.
13. All the plants have been destroyed by the monkeys.
14. Two children have been run over by a truck.
15. A letter had been written to our friend by us.

Exercise 26

1. The answer to this letter must be sent.
2. This patient should be admitted in a good nursing home.
3. This time the match can be won.
4. The cake may be eaten by ants.
5. The car should be driven slowly.
6. The parents should be obeyed.
7. T.V. should be watched from a distance.
8. Can this case be heard ?
9. The plays of Shakespeare can be enjoyed.
10. Medicine must be taken regularly at a proper time.

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