Grammar Completion of Sentences 10

Exercise 1

  1. He failed in the examination because he did not work hard.
  2. Although he tried his best yet he failed.
  3. We do not know who will help us.
  4. There is no rain in U.P. these days.
  5. Hard work is essential  for success.
  6. I do not know where my father is going tomorrow.
  7. I disagree with you in this matter.
  8. Having taken food he left the dining hall.
  9. Pay attention  to your teacher.
  10. He jumped off the hurdle rope easily yesterday.
  11. His uncle deprived him of his share.
  12. He drew his sword so that he might attack his enemy.
  13. All love him because he is very gentle.
  14. Neither he came nor sent any message.
  15. My mother gave me what I wanted.
  16. Although it was raining yet many students came to school.
  17. Do you know how an atom bomb explodes.
  18. Slow and steady wins the race.
  19. When the doctor came the patient had died.
  20. He took medicine so that he might recover soon.
  21. Work hard lest you should fail.
  22. Listen to what your elders say.
  23. If it rains I shall not go to my school.
  24. Though he was poor he never asked money from anyone.

Exercise 2

  1. She is weak in English because she does not work hard.
  2. You will not secure good marks if your are careless.
  3. Do not make a noise otherwise you will be turned out.
  4. He was not only turned out of the school but also was punished.
  5. Do you like this kind of  cloth ?
  6. I must complete my work by 8 o’ clock.
  7. The thief has been sent to prison.
  8. He lost his way while walking on the street.
  9. He was not only fined but also punished.
  10. Everybody knows that he is very talkative.
  11. He is so old that he can’t walk.
  12. Ankur tried his best but failed.
  13. He ran so fast that he caught the train.
  14. You will not succeed till you work hard.
  15. You neither came to me nor informed me.
  16. Raghav is so poor that he can’t buy a new house.
  17. No sooner did the bell ring than all the students reached the prayer ground.
  18. Neither he came nor sent any message.
  19. Although she is rich, she is miser.
  20. He cannot succeed unless he works hard.
  21. He always boasts to be the richest man.
  22. The patient had died before the doctor came.
  23. The naughty student was not only beaten but also turned out.
  24. Please come whenever I call you.

Exercise 3

  1. You can stand first in the class if you work sincerely.
  2. You failed in the examination because you did not work hard.
  3. Make hurry if you want do reach in time.
  4. He worked very hard so that he might stand first.
  5. Please pay attention to what your elders say.
  6. This is the house where my grandfather lived.
  7. You can obtain first class if you work day and night.
  8. I cannot drink this milk because it has much sugar.
  9. If you come I shall welcome you.
  10. He is very sick so he should take rest.
  11. He is so weak that he can’t even stand.
  12. The train has started before scheduled time.
  13. Eat to live but don’t live to eat.
  14. We should pray to God to be happy.
  15. You cannot succeed unless you work hard.
  16. I do not know why he is so much angry.
  17. I worked hard so that  I might pass in 1st division.
  18. He is working hard lest he should fail.
  19. When he returned from his college he felt fever.

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