Grammar Modal Auxiliaries 10

Exercise 1

  1. Now I am fifteen years old. Next year I shall be sixteen.
  2. I shall go to Delhi next week.
  3. We shall not go home before doing this exercise.
  4. You will not enter my  house again.
  5. This boy will be punished for his mischief.
  6. He shall have to read it again.
  7. Mr. Gupta will be fifty on his next birthday.
  8. Now you shall have to come on Sunday.
  9. Our Principal will retire on June 30.
  10. Our team ‘will win the next test match.

Exercise 2

  1. This news may be wrong.
  2. It may rain in the evening.
  3. You should not smoke in the office.
  4. The teacher told me that I could go home.
  5. I told him that I could not accompany him.
  6. Your examination is drawing near. You must work hard.
  7. I thought that he might refuse permission.
  8. May our President live  long !
  9. Could they choose what they wanted to study ?
  10. Will you lend me your camera ?

Exercise 3

  1. He should be very careful now.
  2. If you had not worked hard, you would have failed.
  3. I need not do that if I were you.
  4. I used to recite the Ramayana when I was young.
  5. He must finish this work before he leaves.
  6. He need not come so early.
  7. Mr. Ajay must complete the work before Saturday.
  8. Our team would win the match.
  9. I used to play cricket when I was young.
  10. Our grandmother used to tell us stories at night.

Exercise 4

  1. Her son could speak English when he was only six years old.
  2. May he live long !
  3. We ought to respect our teachers.
  4. This almirah is not very heavy. You can lift it.
  5. He should be very careful now.
  6. Mother said that we could go and see the match.
  7. Can you hear what the teacher  is saying ?
  8. I’ll wait a week so that he should have time to think it over.
  9. The students should do their homework regularly.
  10. Can you stand on your head ? I could do so when I was a school boy. Now I can’t.

Exercise 5

  1. You must read it again and again.
  2. They must sell it at once otherwise they will be in a great loss.
  3. I had to go to the doctor yesterday because I was not feeling well.
  4. Now you must take plenty of liquids.
  5. There must be a guest house on the corner.
  6. All the students have to deposit their answer-books as soon as the bell rings.
  7. We have to begin our work before 9 a.m.
  8. He has to go home early daily.
  9. They have to brush their own shoes everyday.
  10. She had to drink it without sugar  because she was diabetic.

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