Grammar Negative Sentences 10

Exercise 1

  1. Rita is not happy.
  2. He will not meet you soon.
  3. Lucknow is not a big city.
  4. It may not rain now.
  5. Renu is not  coming tonight.
  6. You will not help your friend.
  7. They do not like tea very much.
  8. The boys did not take the test yesterday.
  9. Do not sit here.
  10. I have not sent message to my brother.

Exercise 2

  1. She does her work well. .
  2. Krishna wrote a letter.
  3. We believe in ghosts.
  4. The boys finished their course.
  5. The trains are running on time these days.
  6. Our team won the final match.
  7. Open the window.
  8. Mr. Sharma teaches us history.
  9. She has a car.
  10. I won the prize.

Exercise 3

  1. No one wants to speak to him on the phone.
  2. They will find him nowhere in the market.
  3. We heard no one knocking at the door.
  4. No body will shoot the mad dog.
  5. Has no one bought such a costly watch ?
  6. The witness had nothing new to tell.
  7. He had never been poor.
  8. There is no sugar in the pot.
  9. They will go nowhere in  the evening.
  10. This child never asks silly questions.

Exercise 4

  1. He does not write to me quite often.
  2. My father does not speak Bengali.
  3. He does not go to church on Sundays.
  4. Sharad will not lend you his book.
  5. He has no new pen.
  6. This is not a cow.
  7. My sister does not speak French.
  8. Don’t wait for me at the station.
  9. Mr. Verma didn’t teach us English.
  10. He will not lend me his watch.

Exercise 5

  1. Meera plays badminton, but she does not play hockey.
  2. It was raining in the morning yesterday, but it was not raining in the evening.
  3. You sent me an invitation for you brother’s wedding but you did not send one for your sister’s wedding.
  4. She has a car, but she does not have a driver.
  5. He knows you, but he does not know your brother.
  6. I can lend you money, but can’t lend you my books.
  7. My mother cooks but my sister does not cook.
  8. Our principal is strict, but it is not unkind.
  9. I have two brothers, but I don’t have any sister.
  10. Buy some fruits, but do not buy any bananas.

Exercise 6

  1. I had no difficulty in answering his questions.
  2. He never goes to films.
  3. I heard no one knocking at the door.
  4. Have you never read this story before ?
  5. Nobody will help the poor woman.
  6. He never complains against you.
  7. I have not sent  a telegram to my father.
  8. There is no water in the jug.
  9. You will find him nowhere in the school.
  10. She told me nothing about you last week.

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